Tuesday, 5 June 2012


It's now a week into the show and the visitor book has started generating some comments. I'm not sure the locals will react favourably to my proposal of a motorway running through their sacred patch.

The Planning Notices were still up when I visited yesterday.

Many thanks to the Arts Council for giving me the opportunity to work on experimental surfaces.
It's allowed me to work on various metals, vinyls and Class 2 reflective Roadsign material. Although it was hard work doing the form for the Grant, it's proved well worth it. I'm really happy with the show and I feel I've managed to shift my work and attitude into a different place.

The publication will be ready in time for my first talk at Duckett and Jeffreys Gallery on Sunday 3-4pm, then again at Ryedale Folk Museum on Friday 15th 7-8pm

1 comment:

  1. Seriously admired your work at Coast coffee shop / Gallery. Bought many postcards.
    Two days later visited Rydale, didn't recognize this work as yours.
    Of course, you must follow the muse - but please don't stray too far from the style you show at Coast.
    No way a criticism - only a personal observation.