Saturday, 14 April 2012


Spent the day with Harriet Vyner at Rosedale.

She wrote the book Groovy Bob, and was Ghost writer for Jools Holland's Autobiography. I'm thrilled that she agreed to write for my forthcoming book which accompanies my exhibition at Hutton le Hole.

Harriet certainly knows about the art world, and has rubbed shoulders with the best of them. When we weren't chatting about that, I was trying to describe how I saw the motorway viaduct that would traverse the Rosedale Valley, and where the motorway service area would be sited.

The timescale is tight, but I'm confident it will be achieved, As a designer I've had shorter timetables.

Robert Fraser - taste-maker, hedonist, lousy businessman, promiscuous homosexual - was the celebrated art-dealer responsible for introducing the London art world to Peter Blake, Jim Dine, Richard Hamilton, Bridget Riley and Andy Warhol among others. In this exceptional biography, Harriet Vyner recreates not only an extraordinary, seminal figure but also an exciting and colourful era - 1960s London. Told through the voices of those who knew Fraser best - Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marianne Faithfull, Kenneth Anger, Dennis Hopper and Vyner herself - Groovy Bob was acclaimed on first publication as a brilliant biography and a portrait of the most exhilarating period in post-war British social history.

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