Monday, 9 April 2012


I've been spending the winter researching the subject of roads and motorways for a forthcoming solo exhibition at The Gallery at Ryedale Folk Museuem at the end of May.

I'm looking at the idea of a new Motorway linking The A1 (M) at Thirsk with Whitby.
My proposal is that it will cross the North York Moors National Park.

I heard Frank Skinner say this while he was doing a a walk and talk through the Tate for Radio 4

So besides driving the highways and byways of Britain, I've been reading J.G. Ballards Concrete Island, where he was trying to say something about the social isolation of modern, urban life.
This is due to be made into a film.

I've also been reading about and listening to Will Self's views on our Motorways, he sees the motorway service areas as "microcosms of Britishness" and how we are a motorway race, not an island race'.

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